Saturday, December 26, 2009

Operations and Tachnology Management Class

OTM class as usual today. Assoc Prof Dr Razli presented about Managing Quality and Six Sigma. I always heard about it not not so clear of the functions. But not today. Six sigma is a business improvement approach that seeks to find and eliminate causes of defects and errors in manufacturing and service process by focusing on outputs that are critical to customers and results in aclear financial return for the organization.

I still remember, when i was attached with Takaful Ikhlas (HR Department), we send our staff for this six sigma courses. But not my intention to know about it as long as i do recorded for their attandance.

Defects? defects are any mistakes or errors that are passed on to the customer.
There has been much talk of 'racism' and the rise in 'racist' remarks in Malaysia. Recently, Tun Mahathir Mohamad, the former Prime Minister of Malaysia has been called 'racist' by some people. Is the famous Tun Mahathir a racist? I would not agree on that. He is our economic engineer. I totally solute him very much.

Tun Mahathir did not create the 'Dasar Ekonomi Baru' – which is now being called racist – and he did not sideline the Indians. We know now that it was the Malaysian Indian Congress (MIC) that was responsible to bring the 'economic' benefits to the Indians but what happened in between, we do not know. Tun Mahathir cannot be blamed for the misgivings of others.

Think about it....loved my Malaysia.