Monday, July 13, 2009

The Business Strategy Game -Top 100

Hip ! Hip ! Horey!

Syarikat C5 Sports Sdn Bhd berjaya menduduki tempat ke 56th best Overall Score performance of the week.

"Dear Team C5 SPORTS SDN BHD:Congratulations for achieving a Global Top 100 performance on Overall Game-To-Date Score during the week of 6-Jul-09 through 12-Jul-09. Your Overall Score of 107.0 tied for the 56th best Overall Score performance of the week, worldwide! Your instructor has also been sent an e-mail message acknowledging your Top 100 Overall Game-To-Date Score performance.Each Monday lists of the prior week's best-performing companies are released. There are four Global Top 100 lists: one based on Overall Score (current year), one based on Earnings Per Share, one based on Return On Average Equity, and one based on Stock Price. View the Global Top 100 lists for the week of 6-Jul-09 through 12-Jul-09.
Best regards from the BSG-Online author team,
Art ThompsonGreg
StappenbeckMark Reidenbach"

Thank you kepada ahli Lembaga Pengarah

Chief Executive Officer - Ruhaifi
Lembaga Pengarah :Zahari, Azlan, Fairus dan aku Mamat

Teruskan usaha kita berlima untuk pastikan syarikat C5 Sports Sdn Bhd memang game ini heheheheheh

Saturday, July 11, 2009

OUM Teambuilding Eagle Ranch Resort Port Dickson

8-10 Julai 2009- Lokasi : Eagle Ranch Resort Port Dickson


1) Jalan dalam kegelapan ( tutup mata dgn kain hitam) waktu malam beramai-ramai
2) Bina rakit guna buluh dan tong lepas tu ..berkayak ke laut amik bendera ( tentulah kumpulan aku (comeback @ kambing) yang menang heheheheheh...
3) Masak (kacang,telur,tepun, minyak, ubi keledek)- masak guna barang2 sekeliling. Nasib baik ada jumpa tray catering kat longokan sampah...heheheh nak idup kita orang selongkar kat sampah
4) Jingle ( create lagu) - Apo Kono eh jang, kau tengok ajo...masakan eden siap sedio (juara beb)
5) Presentation product susu kambing ZAP !

Most important our team work walaupuan Pak Lah kena tarik diri sebab anak dia masuk hospital Yang penting KERJASAMA.

Thank you to my Comeback/"kambing" group members Pak lah Meteor, Cikgu (Zul CIDT), Khai(property), Syalazi FBM (Syaliza), Cik Pi (CIDT), CJ(FEL), Kak Aha(Finance) dan Laily-Lembah Klang)
Korang memang superb !!! semua senior-senior aku kat OUM